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About my work

Encouraging play...

I live and work in Ontario, but my roots are in the Maritimes.  Both places furnish the wealth of natural images that repeat throughout my ceramic work.

I am always looking for ways to permit my interest in printmaking and painting to have more influence on my ceramic work.  


I enjoy drawing on a ceramic surface, knowing that it will be held and moved around.  The casual contact that we have with a mug or a plate, is a dimension that is wholly absent with paintings we hang on walls.  Functional ceramics, no matter how decorative, invite you to touch them.


On a three dimensional form, the placement of the images lets the user choose their own point of view and viewing distance.  Encouraging this play, is what makes drawing on ceramic surfaces so interesting to me. I love the idea that I put the piece out there but what it is used for and how it is interpreted are out of my hands... and literally in someone else's.

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